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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Blog Last modified 2017-05-08

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions, Last Modified, 2017-05-08

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more common questions we get asked. If you need an answer and it is not listed below use the Contact form and we will reply to you As Soon As We Can usually same day.

How do I sign up?

Complete all sections of the sign up form making sure to read and accept the terms and conditions. Press the create account button when ready and carefully read the instant screen message which confirms successful submission of your signup form.

How do I Activate My Account ?

Following signup you will receive an automated email confirming your signup details. The email contains a link which you must click in order to activate your account. You may now login with your credentials.

How do I create a profile?

Once logged in you are taken to your personal profile page. To complete your Account Settings you must Upload a Profile Photograph. Replace the Default Profile Avatar by hovering your mouse over the default avatar (or click on it with a touch screen device) and use the toggle button to upload a Square Profile photograph image from your computer. Please use a small image of less than 1 megabyte. Once uploaded you can replace this as often as you like.

Why use square profile images?

We suggest using a square profile page image as portrait or landscape images may not display as well in the circular profile space.

What image file types should I use?

The system accepts three image types, .png, .gif, and .jpg. You may experience issues with other image file types.

What if I didn't get an activation email?

If you can't find your email search all your email junk boxes, mark it as not junk and continue to login as directed in the email.

What if I lose my login credentials?

Just follow the login form link to generate a new password at anytime. If you can't find your email search all your email junk boxes, mark it as not junk and continue to login as directed in the email. You may contact us for further assistance.

How do I find friends or followers?

We have found that those who benefit most from the site are those who join with a trusted friend or two. It is always less intimidating making social media friends with people you actually know in the real world. Once you are logged in and your profile image is complete, simply visit the profile page of your friend and press the Request as Friend button. This will send a notification Friend Request to your friend. They will need to accept this before you become friends on the system. You can find friend profiles by using the Member Search tool in the menu bar. Just type the first two initials of their username then click on the name link when it appears. Friend request notifications are automatically sent and members are notified in their menu bar with a flashing animated friend icon. Members have the option to Accept or Reject any Friend Request, and can also Block and Unblock annoying users as they wish.

What type of messages can I send?

There are basically four types: 1) Public Status Posts from your home page and replies, 2) PMs or Private Messages sent from the page of the member you are sending to. PM receipts appear in your Private In Box, 3) Public Chat messages from the ChatBox and 4) Group Messages from Group Pages.

Do I receive friend notifications?

The Green Envelope icon in the menu bar will blink if you have new notifications and an animated message bubble icon will indicate when you have New Friend Requests. Click the icon links to navigate to notifications and friend requests.

What are photo galleries?

The Polaroid Photo display next to your Profile randomly displays up to 15 photos from Your Galleries. You add photos using controls provided when you click on the Polaroid image. You can view member galleries on their public pages, but you can only add or delete images belonging to you.

How do I delete and replace photos?

Your personal gallery images include a delete link, just press it and confirm. You can add and replace up to 15 images spread across your galleries.

What is the FREE Online Store?

Your Profile Page has a link to your FREE Online Store, this Online Store is PayPal ready and you can list and sell products as you like, subject to terms. OnMyBubble takes a small percentage of any sales you make through your Store. Simply List your Products as Images in your Galleries and Send Us a Message to Confirm You Would Like a Product Listing. We will do the Rest adding the images to your Store Page. The rest is up to you to Market and Promote Your Page. We have a Face Book App page that lets you post from OnMyBubble directly to Your Face Book Fans You will also benefit from Our Marketing. You can for a small fee purchase customised OnMyBubble Subdomains, i.e. This helps to Showcase your Products, Games or Services.

If you list physical items you will be responsible for delivery, OMB operates an eskrow system. All Online Stores are PayPal Integrated and you can make sales immediately after you register. List and sell products as you like, subject to terms. OnMyBubble takes a small percentage of any sales you make through your Store.

Can I drop Ship Digital Products?

Yes in most cases you can. Your FREE Online Store can list any type of product you like subject to terms.OMB has an app that lets your customers download digital products, such as e-book or other files types. If you are a Game Developer you can sell your Games on this site. If you want you can also host your game.

Can I Become an OMB Game Promoter?

Yes you can. In addition to or as an alternative to selling Your Own Products in Your FREE Online Store you can opt to Promote Other Peoples Products. This option is for individuals who are looking for a simple and straightforward way to work from Home and Market Once you are registered as a member we can list games in your store. You will receive a percentage of game Revenues subject to terms and conditions. If you have a large social media following and believe you have what it takes to encourage new joiners to play and pay for games you can Promote OMB Products. You can market from OMB directly to Facebook Google and You Tube or in fact any social media platform that permits this. Game sales made from your store page could generate between 30% to 50% commission. You will be deemed to be an independent distributor and self employed operator. You will be responsible for your own tax declarations if you choose to do this. By listing and selling anything on your store you are agreeing to our distributor agreement terms.

How do I send and receive Private Messages?

Each member can send PMs or Private Messages to a Friend you cannot send any messages to non friends. When you visit the profile page of a Friend you have the option to send a Private Message. This is the first message box on their page, the second message box lets you post a public message on their wall or page. Public messages appear in all your friends Friend Feeds.

How do I Read My Private Messages?

Once a PM or Private Message has been sent to you, your menu bar will display an animated flashing smiley face message bubble icon. Just click on the icon to read your PMs. You must mark each message as read or delete it to stop the smiley face animated icon. It is good practice to do this so you always know if you have new unread Private Messages. It is not possible for others to read your private messages without having your personal login credentials so keep them private. Your security is your responsibility so if you think another person might have acquired your login credentials, you should change them as soon as possible, this is easy to do. If you think your account has been compromised, and or might be being used by another person, first change you password. This would locks them out. Then reset your password and delete any unwanted content. You can contact us using the email account you signed up with and let us know if this happens.

How do I form a Group OnMyBubble?

Any member can click to Group Toggle button or link, Join existing groups or form your own with just a couple of clicks. Groups is a form of Private Messaging between more than two people. You can invite other members to become a a group administrator if you wish. A group profile belongs to the member who created the group and that member is responsible for monitoring the behaviour of their group members.

How do I blog OnMyBubble?

You are reading this page on our content management blog system. To blog simply login and press the new create blog button. A tad more detailed than a simple message, just complete the form and your page is up in minutes. Watch the training how to video to make the most of this feature. All blogs are subject to site policy and we ask you to adhere by keeping posts clean and family friendly.

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