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Ultra Thin Fashion Models

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Welcome to the Ultra Thin Fashion Models Blog Last modified 2017-10-13

Ultra Thin Fashion Models  

Ultra Thin Fashion Models

Ultra Thin Fashion Models, Last Modified, 2017-10-13

We take a look at the progress the modelling industry has made if any since the early days of Twiggy and the era of the Ultra Thin model look. We know how unhealthy being underweight is, yet the industry still pushes this image on ordinary women. As a consequence we see huge pressure on young girls to conform to this under size image if they are to find gainful employment in the fashion industry. The girls in this video are perfectly normal and perfect by many standards, including by the standards of ordinary men, yet the fashion industry sells to women not men. And it is these women who are being sold a lie. The lie that you must be sickly thin to be accepted as beautify in todays instagram world. We want to say that this image of ultra thin is not acceptable and has never been the norm. We call on fashion houses, designers and the buyers in big apparel to get healthy and promote a normal look in their new collections.

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Ultra Thin Fashion Models

Ultra Thin Fashion Models Under Pressure To Make Themselves Ill

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Ultra Thin Fashion Models



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Ultra Thin Fashion Models