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Patricia's blog: Become a Digital Marketer - Part Two - Views ( 228925 ) -article by: Patricia

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Become a Digital Marketer - Part Two - Views ( 687 )
Become a Digital Marketer - Part Two  

Become a Digital Marketer - Part Two

Author: Patricia , Last Modified, 2021-09-19 02:33:03

Category: marketing Keywords: Become-a-Digital-Marketer-Part-Two

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Become a Digital Marketer - Part Two is a social networking site with many features, including and hopefully of interest to affiliate marketers, our marketplace. Our online marketplace software is designed for Affiliate Marketers. Affiliate Marketers are people who promote and sell other peoples products or services for a commission. The arrangement is a win win, because it provides merchants with a cost effective marketing workforce, they only pay on a performance basis, and it offers individuals looking to work from home or anywhere in fact, an opportunity to do so on a flexible basis.

Affiliate Marketing is not pyramid selling or a business opportunity. These schemes typically require sellers to pay up front. Remember anyone who asks you to pay to promote is probably a scammer. Companies pay their sales forces, it is never the other way around. We require no investment in inventory or product. Merchants have already invested in inventory and are happy for affiliates to promote and sell it for them. Attempting to be both an affiliate and merchant is difficult and risky and is suitable for only a small few. Almost all large and successful merchants use paid promoters to sell their goods. As such OMB does not endorse such scams, which are in most cases illegal.

All OMB Members can, should they choose it, promote products and services using our specially created income generating blog pages and online stores. Our web software is free to affiliates who wish to create pages and sell. If you sell anything you will be paid for doing so on a pay for performance basis. We have built a tracking analytics system which can be used to trak and measure your performance. This way you can manage pages and campaigns and focus your attention where it delivers the best return for your efforts.

Our platform can be used by affiliates to build and grow their practice in a cost effective way. It takes minutes to create pages which can be promoted by affiliates on their own networks, delivering top performance connecting shoppers to the things they need, want and enjoy. If you are willing to put some effort into it, you can probably make decent money by selling other peoples products. Often marketers are better salespeople than merchants. Merchants buy and manage inventory, that is their business. Many merchants are only too happy to let professional sales people like you promote and sell their goods on a pay for performance basis. If you are interested in learning more about pay for performance marketing, then I invite you to read on.

But first let me introduce myself and provide you with a little context to OMB. My name is Eric Bigham. I am a former Accenture Management Consultant and a Qualified Chartered Certified Accountant by profession. I have worked with many real world merchants and many large internet and banking companies. In a career spanning over two decades my understanding of digital marketing and business analytics has become quite substantial. I have consulted with some of the worlds largest and high profile companies who have paid me well for my professional advice and services.

OMB began as a project, a way to learn web programming and to design a platform that would allow me to express some of my ideas in practice. My mission is to empower as many individual marketers as possible to start and build online incomes without having to master the dark art of web programming and SEO.

I have consulted with SEO experts at some of the worlds fastest growing companies. I can tell you that these companies put multiple millions into their marketing efforts and many still do not really understand the causal relationships between advertising and sales. This is why they spend money on everything from print, direct TV, digital search and display. No one factor can influence a search engine. so those who promise you it can are probably not being wholly honest with you.

As such I have built the web pages to be as search friendly as I can, I have embedded google advertising to make the pages pay for their keep and built google analytics tracking systems to help me understand what works and what does not. If you choose to use this platform you will inadvertently benefit from the work going on behind the glossy front end.

Anybody can build a glossy webpage with Wicks and Weebly. but these are not dynamic data driven pages and lack the depth required to get a listing by Google. Google does not list all pages, even when they are submitted to the search engine. Many people do not understand this and believe by just having a website, google will index pages and rank them in search. This is not so and Google does not promise this. OMB has many hundreds of pages, and our percentage of indexed pages is exceptionally high. The depth of our site means that our bounce rates are low and users find our pages from all over the world, typically staying for a long time to explore.

As a marketer you can benefit from this. I know it won't happen overnight and it won't be easy. Far too many hype-sters make unrealistic promises. We aim to under promise and over deliver and would be honoured if you choose to join us on this journey.

OMB software uses Predictive Search Optimisation - PSO. This means when you create a campaign your content is optimised for search. This is as opposed to when you post on mainstream social media platforms you are often required to pay to promote your post. And often with little result when you do. These platforms are really suitable for big companies with big advertising budgets. These marketing managers are paid to spend and spend they do, that is their job. This means your posts will never compete on a fair level playing ground, even if your content is better, Facebook will rank the paying marketer above you. Compare this with OMB, we are paid by the advertiser or merchant only if you make a sale of their product. This means we are structured to get behind your posts and not to place obstacles in your way.

We want your promotion and or post optimised so that it will be picked up by a global search audience.

Marketers like you are often required to used multiple marketing tools that are complicated to use effectively together. WordPress is great, but probably suitable for trained journalists and professional writers. Facebook is amazing, yet it charges you for promoting content, this puts you on the back foot before you get started. And finally store platforms like Shoppify and are awesome, but they come with hefty seller fees.

None of these things help you to start and grow you small business. They require a huge investment in time and money and come with no guarantees. We cant guarantee your success but we can help to minimise any costs you face as a barrier to entry to self generated wealth. ex tools that don't generate income for you.

OMB Software lets you pull together the content you have already created elsewhere and monetise it using our Search Optimised blogging application

Three features are important to helping you monetise your content.
  • 1. You don't need to use complicated blogging tools like WordPress, our built in Content Management tool is Search Engine ready, so you control the keywords tags and meta data.
  • 2. You probably spend a lot of time on social sites like Facebook. Unfortunately Facebook charges you to promote your posts, they are not necessarily available to the global search engines, with OMB your pages will be freely ranked by google and will reach a worldwide audience through search.
  • 3. You can sell automatically get a store when you register as an affiliate, there is no cost to you and this allows you to list and promote merchants products on a performance basis. OMB acts a s middleman between you and the merchant, and your sales are tracked and transparent, so if you perform, you get the credit.

If any of this resonates with you, then why not register on the site, it is free and from there you can always reach out to us for help or support building your income generating pages.

Our site has many features that can help you to build your affiliate practice. It is a fully operational social network with communication tools such as messaging both public, private and in groups. We are here to support you in tailoring your pages to help you get the most out of our software so do sign up today and we'll see you on the other side.

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Blog title: Become a Digital Marketer - Part Two

Patricias' BLOG

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Become a Digital Marketer - Part Two
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Become a Digital Marketer - Part Two  

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