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BighamConsulting's blog: Finance Software for CFOs - Views ( 159669 ) -article by: BighamConsulting

BighamConsultings' BLOG ( 18 articles!)

Finance Software for CFOs - Views ( 193 )
Finance Software for CFOs  

Finance Software for CFOs

Author: BighamConsulting , Last Modified, 2021-01-19 02:16:32

Category: business Keywords: Finance-Software-for-CFOs

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Finance Software for CFOs

Bigham Consulting a boutique Strategy Consultant in London combines blue chip strategy consulting methodologies with modern web technologies to design, build and implement bespoke solutions for the C-suite.

Track and execute your strategic plan, monitor business and financial performance in real time by accessing your secure private membership portal. Use the information that is already in your business to improve, turnaround and transform your business results.

Mr Bigham developed advanced data driven Scorecard Applications For Accenture Clients as a consultant and as CFO built and led several high profile international Finance Organisations including well known banks and fast paced high growth Pan European technology businesses.



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Professional Financial Software for CFOs and Strategy Professionals


Blog title: Finance Software for CFOs

BighamConsultings' BLOG

( 18 articles!)

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Product - Finance-Software-for-CFOs

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Finance Software for CFOs


Finance Software for CFOs

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Finance Software for CFOs  

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