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GhostRider's blog: How to Build a Go Kart as a Kids Project - Views ( 164951 ) -article by: GhostRider

GhostRiders' BLOG ( 72 articles!)

How to Build a Go Kart as a Kids Project - Views ( 750 )
How to Build a Go Kart as a Kids Project  

How to Build a Go Kart as a Kids Project

Author: GhostRider , Last Modified, 2021-03-08 00:52:45

Category: DIY Keywords: How-to-Build-a-Go-Kart-as-a-Kids-Project

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How to Build a Go Kart as a Kids Project

How to build a Go Kart

We decided we wanted to build a Go Kart from a basic paper design. This was a 9th birthday project and so required completion in a short space of time, we commenced the work with about three weeks before the day in question.

Three main components were used in the construction, a Wheel Barrow for the 4 Bat Mobile style Wheels at the rear, a shopping trolley for the support base of the seat, with its wheels removed and a golf buggy for the front steering and wheels.

The rest was made from wood we purchased at Hardware stores including the spray paint for the final waterproofing protection and style. The seat was cut from a large piece of plywood and covered in a red leather substitute. The Go Kart splits into two pieces for convenient storage by removing the main steering bolt, and easily fits into a large car boot or jeep. Yes it is that large, so a 4 by 4 boot is probably required for long distance transport.

It is a free wheeler so no engine or motor, but one could easily be attached, it does have a cable based hand breaking system and foot rests, and given more free time I would have probably done just that. This project could have been developed if the interest was there, but that was hardly the point.

Kids often lose interest in their toys, but the main purpose was not just to build a functional toy, it was to demonstrate how to run a mini project from design to prototype in three weeks. We had great fun building this item and enjoyed pushing it around and riding it in the park, and yes it was completed on time, with a few minor replacements needed after we trialled it out, such as making and installing a new rear axle and a replacement rear tyre, due to a puncture being found in one when bought from the shop, all good fun.

To build this yourself you will need a full suite of DIY or carpentry tools. Total cost, well lets just say more than the cost of a store bought go cart. Your time and the cost of nuts and bolts were most expensive and spray paints also can cost a bit.



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How to Build a Go Free Wheeler Kart


Blog title: How to Build a Go Kart as a Kids Project

GhostRiders' BLOG

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How to Build a Go Kart as a Kids Project


How to Build a Go Kart as a Kids Project

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How to Build a Go Kart as a Kids Project  

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