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Patricia's blog: 12 week weight loss - Views ( 179466 ) -article by: Patricia

Patricias' BLOG ( 96 articles!)

12 week weight loss - Views ( 603 )
12 week weight loss  

12 week weight loss

Author: Patricia , Last Modified, 2021-05-09 03:28:15

Category: lifestyle Keywords: Twelve-Weeks-To-A-Better-Body-The-Real-Secret-To-Weight-Loss-Success

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12 week weight loss

12 Weeks to a Better Body! The Real Secret to Weight Loss Success.

If you wonder why we decided to lift the girl in the photo, don't strain your head. Simple she was as light as a feather. This invites men to show off a little, and as there was two of us we knew we wouldn't embarrass either ourselves, or the young lady in question.

Having fun, feeling great in and out of your clothes as well as a myriad of health benefits are all good reasons to lose weight. But patience is a virtue and most people lack this particular one when it comes to getting into good shape.

We all wish for a shortened time horizon to that elusive perfect body yet there really is no panacea. Just simple exercise, rest and eating a sensible diet. So is there really a secret to rapid and successful weight loss?

Here's where I tell you to read the book I wrote and all will magically reveal itself.... but wait! I'm not that callous so rather than trying to tug on your purse strings, I'm just going to tell you.

If you want to read the book afterwards, then by all means, please signup and download it. So in one word here it is.


That's right, motivation. They say motivation can't move mountains, but it can certainly move the man, or woman, you know what I mean, right?

The key to your diet success is to be motivated to do so. It is highly unlikely for most of you that endless nights in the gym and half starving yourself will constitute motivation, and as a former fitness professional I can tell you that no amount of screaming personal trainers will make you lose weight that you are not self motivated to do.

All true, but I guarantee you that these things wont be an obstacle if you are truly motivated to achieve your personal weight loss goal.

The problem is that most people don't have motivation in sufficient quantities to make it, (the diet and weight loss program) work, for them.

Oh, they'll make out they do, but their actions defy logic. You see they focus on the pains and problems, not the joys and freedoms. The hunger pains of dieting and the problems of getting to the gym, rather than the joy of experiencing full self confidence in ones own skin, and the freedoms that being able to wear almost anything (or nothing!)and look, or more importantly feel great in it, that having your ideal body weight can bring

In the photo above I was at about 6% body fat, in fact so ripped that arguably, at least to my self, I looked better without clothes, than with, as most of my wardrobe was dated, and made me look scrawny when fully dressed. Being ultra slim, requires more figure hugging clothing to accentuate the physique. But I didn't really care about that at the time.

I had just gone through some very heard times and my self esteem was probably at an all time low. I needed to recapture that belief in myself, and as a life long fitness fan, I knew that the endorphin rush only truly fit people experience is possibly the best tonic I could take, and so I devised a plan, a 12 week plan.

The 12 Week Plan



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Twelve weeks to a better body the real secret to weight loss success.


Blog title: 12 week weight loss

Patricias' BLOG

( 96 articles!)

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Product - Twelve-Weeks-To-A-Better-Body-The-Real-Secret-To-Weight-Loss-Success

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12 week weight loss


12 week weight loss

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12 week weight loss  

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