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BighamConsulting's blog: business turnaround coach - Views ( 159659 ) -article by: BighamConsulting

BighamConsultings' BLOG ( 18 articles!)

business turnaround coach - Views ( 342 )
business turnaround coach  

business turnaround coach

Author: BighamConsulting , Last Modified, 2021-01-19 01:38:54

Category: business Keywords: business-turnaround-coach

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business turnaround coach

The Business Turnaround Coaching Package gives you 1 single session with a trained business turnaround coach for ฃ175. Is your business on the rocks? Don't panic, even if your accountant or banker said it's over, there's much that you can do to turn things around. Help is on the way. People who are successful in business don't work harder they work smarter, it's not that you haven't been trying hard enough, it's just that you haven't been doing the right things to get your business to perform the way you need it to. Your business turnaround coach will help you figure out exactly what you need to do differently to get things back on track. Once you complete your on-line purchase call our office on the service number we provide to schedule an appointment to speak with your business turnaround coach. Business turnaround coaches offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

Eric Bigham a London based Management Consultant is the founder and CEO of the Bigham Group. He is a corporate finance strategist having led a considerable number of consulting projects including organisation design, business turnaround, acceleration and transformation at director level for organisations that include names like Accenture, Deutsche Bank Global Markets, Barclays Wealth, Lloyds TSB and several Private Equity funded high growth start ups. He has given key note talks on Global Banking Risk and Regulation. BIGHAM CONSULTING BLOG ป



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Mr Bigham developed advanced data driven Scorecard Applications For Accenture Clients as a consultant and as CFO built and led several high profile international Finance Organisations including well known banks and fast paced high growth Pan European tech


Blog title: business turnaround coach

BighamConsultings' BLOG

( 18 articles!)

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business turnaround coach


business turnaround coach

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business turnaround coach  

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