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Patricia's blog: BREXIT a Clarion Call - Views ( 179433 ) -article by: Patricia

Patricias' BLOG ( 96 articles!)

BREXIT a Clarion Call - Views ( 700119 )
BREXIT a Clarion Call  

BREXIT a Clarion Call

Author: Patricia , Last Modified, 2021-05-09 01:41:50

Category: business Keywords: BREXIT-A-Clarion-Call

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BREXIT a Clarion Call

BREXIT A Clarion Call

I would proffer momentum fuelling bitter confrontation on both sides of the Atlantic following the BREXIT decision and Donald Trump election has created an urgent need for conciliatory attitudes. Both the UK and US face unprecedented headwinds as we hurtle into 2017. Global leaders would do well to recognise a need for compromise and a mutual respect.

Does the path to global prosperity and personal business success not rely on acceptance of this fact? It seems that the UK government has offered little in the way of practical support for the 48% of the UK electorate that opted to remain in the EU. Dismissing their views is clearly a mistake. The glaring absence of a credible post BREXIT deal strategy is a legitimate concern and there is currently very little evidence to suggest the strategy in place will support the needs of this unusually large minority. Global prosperity for 2017 and beyond rests on the twin pillars of pragmatism and politics. For those of you who have read and re-read and even studied the Art of the Deal you might well share my view that Mr Trump does on the face of it appear to be somewhat of a pragmatist. For all the show and bravado he exudes, he does at least appear to be capable of delivering and executing on a plan that serves its purpose. If you have not read the Art of the Deal, for goodness sake do so NOW.

I humbly suggest it is worth your time. Clearly Trump will need a Plan Royale if he and his team are to reunite the country amidst the great rift that campaign rhetoric has forged. The extent to which this is even possible is of course deeply questionable, But I suspect perhaps it is the businessman in president-elect Trump that will take the lead in listening. Understanding that America needs to demonstrate magnanimity as a global leader in 2017 is key to regaining and even building upon the respect and legacy of presidents past. It is now that America must praise its peers and support of its dependants! The launch is over, the ship has sailed and as Team Trump traverse the waves of success I believe they will favour calm waters. But the ocean of discontent runs deep and stormy weather surely lies ahead. Too many valuable supporters have been lost, and to cry man overboard would be somewhat of an understatement.

The crew must recoup lost support if the ship is to maintain momentum in the months ahead. At this juncture it is not clear how Team Trump will transition from skilled sailor to Master and Commander, but as Commander in Chief I expect there will will be a move towards Winning Friends and Influencing People.

Often the strongest relationships form from the lightest of interactions. Recall the lessons in adroitness that Dale Carnegie taught us all! The days of the plutocrat are surely at an end. The weight of a winner takes all mindset could be the anchor that sinks the ship. For America to be great again, it surely must recognise the needs of a global marketplace as two way, Win Win becoming its new mantra. If we do not share our bread today we will not be offered the cake of tomorrow. I for one am looking forward to 2017 with equal measures of optimism and bated breadth.



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BREXIT a Clarion Call


Blog title: BREXIT a Clarion Call

Patricias' BLOG

( 96 articles!)

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BREXIT a Clarion Call


BREXIT a Clarion Call

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BREXIT a Clarion Call  

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