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Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to the Affiliate Marketing Blog Last modified 2017-11-01


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, Last Modified, 2017-11-01

Introducing OMB Income Builder

OMB Income Builder is an Affiliate Marketing Solution for Marketers who want to Generate Online Income using Social Media.

You Could Earn Thousands potentially Each Month by Posting Blogs about your Favourite Products. Many people do this anyway but for Gratis, Nada, FREE!

The OMB Income Builder platform lets you embed YouTube video, images and even set your own keywords, essential for the search engines. The more articles you write the more money you could potentially earn.

What you need to make money online

To Make Money Online you need to place your content next to adverts that can make Money FOR YOU. On many social media platforms, your content is placed next to ads that make money for the platform provider not you, essentially you DO NOT share in the revenue your content is creating. You essentially become an unpaid employee of Facebook, twitter, or linked in, take your pick.

That is not to say these platforms should not be used, but there is a better way, create content first on a platform like OMB then simply share links to it from your favourite social media platform, this way when you drive traffic to your OMB pages, they could be making you money. Even if just a percentage of your Facebook or twitter followers click your links and engage with your content, you are receiving some value for it.

OMB Income Builder is easy to use, you don't need any web programming skills, just the ability to fill in a simple form which then creates your page. We are here to support you all the way and can configure your pages for certain target readers, that is essentially the reason you pay for the service, but your costs are fixed, and you can expect to get value from it as merchants, and OMB only succeed if you succeed. We believe in win win.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our pages are fully SEO ready that means Optimised for Search Engines. Each page embeds multiple Revenue Streams, this increases the chance of your readers engaging in at least one of them. Income streams on your pages include Google Ad-sense, Amazon products and links to our Online Member Stores and Advertiser Display Pages. All of these features can help you to Create an Income. Ads are dynamically served to match the content of the pages, this makes them more relevant to your readers, and we can work with you to serve the adverts and products to your pages that you prefer to promote.

You can easily fit Affiliate Marketing around your day job, work from home or on the Commuter Train. You decide where, when and for how long to work. Do it as a hobby for some secondary income or become a serious professional blogmeister! You get to keep all the revenue your pages generate. We support you all the way and help you to grow your business by managing the entire technical side for you. The more pages you generate the more you actively promote the more money you can make. Many people spend hours posting to social media and not getting paid for it. Why let Facebook make money from your content when you could make it for yourself, with our system?

Of course you could Go It Alone and develop all of these services yourself or pay a programmer to do it for you. But if you prefer to just focus on marketing and making money, it could make more sense to invest in income generating software like OMB Income Builder.

Getting Started

If this sounds good to you, It takes just minutes to get your blog pages online which can spread your message across the globe. So what are you waiting for? For less than 1 pound per day you have your very own business with a real person at the other end available to support you all the way.

The cost of registering for this service works out at slightly less than 1 pound per day paid in one payment of £ 359.99, you can pay with PayPal just click the link below to get started and we'll see you on the other side.

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Professionals and Business owners might also be interested in writing articles or promoting services or products, pages reach readers in 110 countries globally and there are no listing fees for listing your products and services on your Free Online store. You only pay a sales commission if you make a sale on the platform. Your FREE Online Store is created automatically once you signup and a real person will always be available to help you list your products. Our stores are capable of delivering digital downloads so you can sell information products, games, tickets and more.

Advertisers who are fed up paying for non performing promotions on mainstream social media will be interested to know that we operate a strictly Pay for Performance (PPC) Pay Per Click service using bundles. So advertisers can simply decide the value of a click referral and only pay what the referral is worth (subject to negotiation). We operate a PayPerClick Tracking System that "Amortises" the Cost of a Bundle over the Number of Clicks. This ensures Advertisers only ever pay a fair price for clicks or referrals to their site.

For more information you can ’contact us',



Affiliate Marketing



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