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Social Media Marketing for Dummies review

Welcome to the Social Media Marketing for Dummies review Blog Last modified 0000-00-00


Social Media Marketing for Dummies review

Social Media Marketing for Dummies review, Last Modified, 0000-00-00

I have just started to read this book. It provides a clear basis for social media marketing planning. The book breaks down the 7 benefits of using social media marketing to drive traffic and acquire new customers for your business.

It discusses the pros and cons of entering the social media marketing arena, the chief con being the time and effort required to achieve an acceptable ROI (Return On Investment) with Social Media time and spend. Time = Money and it will take a lot of both..

Jan Zimmerman correctly highlights the fact that social media marketing, like any form of value based investing, is most definitely a long game and not a get rich quick tactic. If you plan on investing your time in social media marketing be in it for the long haul, as returns are most definitely correlated with both time and effort.

The book highlights the options available to business owners for implementing a social media marketing strategy including spend on professionals versus the do it all your self options. In particular the value and risks associated with hiring or outsourcing the whole process.

The book also points to the fact that although being differentiated using social media is becoming increasingly difficult due to the saturation of websites, only a small proportion of smaller businesses are actually effectively engaging with this new media and that it is just a tool not a new world.

I have invested in the development of a new Social Network and Marketplace site called and I intend to implement the guidance of the book. I will use the book as a guide to help me formulate a coherent social media marketing strategy for the site.

My professional background is in Finance and Strategy and not marketing per se so although I am used to building Key Performance and Business Intelligence reporting tools for clients I was glad to read the emphasis that the books author made of measuring data and taking data driven decisions.

I believe this is a crucial element to success as there are literally hundreds of moving parts to a comprehensive marketing strategy and social media is, as correctly pointed out in the book just one part of your overall marketing strategy and Marketing is just one part in your overall business organisation.

After I apply the planning tools provided to my new social media marketing site, I will endeavour to come back and update the review with the results. If you wish to follow my results just visit

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Social Media Marketing All In One For Dummies

Social Media Marketing All In One For Dummies



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